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Who should consider Root Canal?

  • People who experience severe pain upon chewing or applying pressure
  • People with prolonged sensitivity to hot/cold
  • People with swelling or tenderness in the gums
  • People who show a darkening or discoloration of a single tooth
  • People with a persistant or recurring pimple on the gums

Root Canal Ottawa

If you live in the Ottawa area and are experiencing tooth pain, you may be in need of a root canal. At Oueis Dentistry, our Ottawa patients are our top priority. Dr. Oueis is proud to offer emergency dental care when you need it most. 

What is a Root Canal?

So Ottawa, just how much do you know about your teeth? A root canal is the space within the center of a tooth. The center of all your teeth is a hollow area that is home to soft tissue, blood vessels and nerves that nourish and hydrate your teeth to keep them strong and healthy. Keep our Ottawa smiles bright and healthy with Dr. Oueis at Oueis Dentistry.

Think of how lead runs through the inside of a pencil, this is the same concept. When decay is severe enough to leave the center of the tooth exposed, the root canals can become infected and painful. 

Once the tissue and nerve endings become infected, they must be safely removed. This is called root canal treatment. Dr. Oueis, your Ottawa root canal dentist, will remove the infected pulp, clean and disinfect the inner chamber of your tooth and then fill the hollow space where the pulp once was with a sealant material to keep the tooth strong. 

Root canal treatment, also known as root canal therapy, is the process of treating an infected tooth to prevent further infection and the formation of a painful abscess

Root canals are often followed by a the placement of a dental crown. As you now know, a root canal is performed when the pulp becomes infected from decay and must be removed. Once the pulp is removed, the tooth is dead and becomes much more delicate and brittle than a natural untreated tooth. To protect the treated area from further injury or breakage, Dr. Oueis, at Oueis Dentistry in Ottawa will place a dental crown to ensure the safety and health of the tooth. 


Root Canal Symptoms

Dr. Oueis, Ottawa dentist, understands that root canal procedures may seem intimidating to some patients. Oueis Dentistry is proud to offer sedation dentistry for Ottawa patients who are often uncomfortable in the dental chair.  

An infected root canal will not heal on it own, the infection will merely spread which is why you should call Oueis Dentistry as soon as you notice some of the following symptoms we have listed below.

  • Severe toothache

  • Pain while chewing

  • Prolonged sensitivity to hot/cold

  • Swelling or tenderness near the gumline

  • Discoloration of the tooth

  • A persistent or recurring pimple on the gums

Root Canal Procedure

Sometimes if the tooth is badly infected, Dr. Oueis, Ottawa dentist, will apply medication inside the chamber of the tooth to help heal and promote the best recovery possible.  If the tooth is not filled the same day, a temporary filling will be placed to prevent saliva or food particles from causing infection until your next appointment.

A root canal procedure is often the result of extensive decay and may require an additional restoration such as a dental crown to protect the tooth from breaking and restore its functionality. Dr. Oueis, will discuss your root canal treatment with you during your visit and have you back to smiling in no time!

Affordable Root Canal Cost

Root canal therapy is a procedure based on severity. Other influencing factors include the location of your required treatment, the experience and location of the dentist, the need for additional restorations, etc. 

Most dental insurance company policies cover the cost of a root canal procedure. Root canal cost is also determined upon whether you opt for sedation dentistry or not, in which additional cost will apply. 

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Root Canal Recovery

Root canals have a bad reputation for being a painful dental procedure. However most patients report that a root canal procedure feels no different that a standard dental filling.

Ottawa patients may experience some sensitivity following a root canal treatment due to natural tissue inflammation. This discomfort can be eased with over-the-counter pain medications such as Advil, Motrin or Aleve.

If your root canal tooth is not filled the same day, you may want to minimize chewing around that area while the tooth is still under repair. Your treated area will still be fragile and this will help to avoid recontamination before the tooth is fully restored.

Oueis Dentistry in Ottawa is dedicated to the comfort and satisfaction of our patients which is why we follow up with a check up call to ensure your best recovery.

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