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Who is a candidate for Orthodontics?

  • People with gaps between teeth
  • People with an overbite, underbite, or open bite
  • People with a cross bite
  • People with crowded teeth
  • People who want a straighter more aligned smile

Orthodontics Ottawa

Orthodontic Braces for Adults

Are you living in Ottawa and thinking about getting dental braces? It is never to late to get a straight smile. Today in Ottawa, adults make up almost half of orthodontic cases. Your teeth play a major role in first impressions and how others view you. Having a straight smile often makes patients appear more accomplished, successful and well taken care of. 

In some cases, adults chose to undergo orthodontic treatment simply because their parents couldn't provide it for them as children. Adults also understand and value the process of having straight teeth and are more likely to comply with treatment. 

Today's technology has also allowed for orthodontic braces to be manufactured in a more cosmetic friendly manner. Brackets are smaller, less noticeable, and there now exists a wide variety of treatment plans to choose from.

Having straight teeth also helps promote your overall heath. Teeth that are crooked or misaligned allow for bacteria and plaque buildup which can lead to painful gingivitis and gum disease. Having a misaligned bite prevents patients from being able to chew their food properly and can lead to gastrointenstinal problems. Believe it or not, many diseases originate within the mouth and so oral health plays a crucial role in staying healthy and strong.

Oueis Dentistry is also proudly offers dental financing for patients looking for a more affordable way to improve their smile. 

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