Who should consider an Oral Hygiene Exam?

  • People who have not had a dental exam in six months or longer
  • People who have bad breath despite regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing
  • People who have sensitive, bleeding, or inflamed gums
  • People who have plaque buildup on teeth

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Oral Hygiene Instructions

Brushing Your Teeth- You should brush you teeth, about 2-3 teeth at a time, using a gentle circular motion. Your tooth brush should be held at a 45 degree angle to effectively clean the gums as well. Be careful not not brush too hard, as you can irritate your gums. Your teeth should be brushed at least twice a day, if not after every meal. 

Flossing is Imperative- Brushing alone will not protect your gums and teeth from painful decay and gum disease. Break off a piece of floss about 18 inches. Wind the floss around the tips of your fingers so it easier to manuever around your teeth. Be sure to floss both sides of each tooth up into the gum line. You should floss you teeth at least once a day if not twice.

Brushing Your Tongue- Tongue brushing is not a favorite past time of many. However, it is what stands between you and bad breath. Tongue cleaning removes the filmy layer of bacteria from your tongue that causes bad breath. Tongue cleaners come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some tooth brushes even have a tongue cleaner on the back of the brush. Once you find a tongue cleaner you are comfortable with, simply glide the tongue cleaner gently along the surface of your tongue to remove bad breath causing bacteria.  

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