Who should consider Dentures?

  • People with several failing or missing teeth.
  • People who are in need of multiple dental implants.
  • People who do not have sufficient bone structure for dental implants
  • People looking for a less expensive alternative to replacing missing teeth

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Types of Dentures

Partial Dentures- Partial dentures, often called dental bridges, are tooth restorations suitable for the loss of one or more teeth. A dental bridge utilizes the teeth next to the empty space to support the false tooth, or pontic. These adjacent teeth will need to be contoured and fitted for dental crowns in order for the pontic to be placed. Partial dentures can be made to be removable or permanent.

Complete Dentures- Complete dentures, also known as full dentures, provide tooth restoration for an entire set of teeth per arch. Complete dentures can be made in a variety of ways. The first two kinds of complete dentures are either conventional or immediate. The next two types of complete dentures are either fixed or removable.

Conventional Dentures- Conventional dentures are made to be ready for placement after the remaining teeth have been extracted and the gums have healed. This healing period requires about eight to twelve weeks after the removal of remaining teeth.

Immediate Dentures- Immediate dentures can be placed directly following the extraction of remaining teeth. However, in the absence of teeth, the bones and gums shrink over time and the denture may require more adjustments to ensure comfortable and proper fitting. The advantage is that the Ottawa patient does not have to leave the office without teeth while waiting for the dentures to be completed.

Removable Complete Dentures- Removable dentures are made so that the Ottawa patient removes the complete denture at night before going to bed and returns to wear in the morning. Removable dentures are less expensive that permanent fixed dentures and may be more appealing due to financial reasons. Removable dentures require the use of denture adhesive to ensure the dentures stability, functionality and retention.

Permanent Complete Dentures- Permanent complete dentures are secured within the jaw bone via dental implants. An entire set of teeth can be replaced in an arch with just four dental implants. This procedure is often known as All-On-4 as the entire prosthetic is secured with four dental implants. Dental implant dentures is a surgical procedure which can be completed in just one day. Dental implant dentures are also known as Permanent-Teeth-in-a Day where our Ottawa patients walk into our office in the morning for oral surgery and walk out in the afternoon with a brand new smile!

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