Who should consider Dental Crowns?

  • People with a broken or severely worn down tooth
  • People who have undergone a root canal procedure
  • People whose tooth has been severely weakened by decay
  • People with a severely discolored or mishapen tooth

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Dental Crown Procedure

In order to begin your dental crown procedure Dr. Oueis, your Ottawa dentist, will first determine your candidacy and whether or not additional dental work must be done to the affected area to support the crown. For example, you may need a root canal if there is extensive decay. 

Dr. Oueis, your Ottawa dentist, will numb the area to be treated. Once the anesthetics have kicked in, the surfaces of your tooth will be filed down to allow for the dental crown to be placed. If your tooth is lacking in one area as a result of decay, Dr. Oueis will build up that area with dental bond to support the dental crown.

Once your area is prepped for the dental crown, an impression is taken of the area and sent to the dental lab for the crown to be created. 

Dr. Oueis at Oueis Dentistry in Ottawa will create a temporary crown for you in to cover and protect the affected area while your permanent dental crown is being made. 

Once your permanent crown is ready, it will be placed by Dr. Oueis, your Ottawa dentist, and checked for fit and comfort. The permanent crown is then bonded into place and your smile is complete!

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