Who is a candidate for a Dental Bridge?

  • People with one of more missing teeth
  • People looking for a less expensive alternative to dental implants
  • People looking for a non-surgical option to restore missing teeth
  • People who want to restore their smile's function and appearance

Dental Bridge Ottawa

Types of Dental Bridges

Permanent Bridge- A permanent bridge is safely bonded to the adjacent teeth and remains in the mouth at all times. You brush and floss like you did before the restoration, only floss will need to be threaded through the dental bridge. A permanent tooth bridge is often more comfortable due to its fixated nature. 

Removable Bridge- In some cases, there simply aren't enough teeth in the mouth to allow for the placement of a fixed partial denture. In these cases the options available are a removable partial denture or implants. A removable dental bridge is less expensive than a fixed partial denture, so for financial reasons it may be more appealing. 

However, a removable partial denture tends to trap food against the teeth so Ottawa patients need to be careful to brush and floss thoroughly to prevent further decay. To keep your teeth strong and healthy, you will need to remove your this type of bridge every time you brush and floss.

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